Hello from the other side

Hello from the other side

If I could call my younger self for five minutes.  

I would say, “you haven’t learnt to condense your words yet, instead you learnt to speak even faster. Don’t ask questions (yes I know you love questions) just listen”

  1. It’s all going to make sense much later stop worrying. The truest answers take time and work. Stop focusing on the questions and put in the time + work. 

  2. Stop asking yourself the answers and start asking others. Keep asking, you don’t know it yet but it helps you sort out your thoughts just as much as it helps them.

  3. You’re not entitled to anything! No one owes you anything. Not you’re parents teachers or friends. Stop expecting the best from everything and criticising when you don’t get it. Focus on, Are you giving you’re best? *Cheat code* your not! ps the bigger your ego the worse the beating so tone that ish down.

  4. You’re smart but you’re not the smartest. Stop trying to prove to yourself and everyone else that you are. a) the cost of failure is much higher than you can afford right now. Trust me depression is expensive! b) it will eat away at that abundant amount of confidence that you have, you don’t value you that enough by the way and you’ll miss it when its gone. c) experience is the best teacher. Respect that and respect those who have it and keep seeking you’re own.

  5. Be even more fearless! Every chance you’ll take will be the making of you. Even the ones that leave you in tears (they will be a lot of those). You’re living! Don’t be afraid to do that with faith. I promise you in 10 years you’ll look back and think “thank God I didn’t let my (oh so present) fears hold me back.”  

What would you say if you had your younger self on the phone? Share in the comments section below. You might teach an older Angela some thing.