Just before everything changed

Just before everything changed


Ok so this is A LOT overdue ..... It is the 1st day of the 4th month in 2015. The year is running at olympic speed! But thats ok because so is my mind, my brain's latest hobby is overthinking every single little thing! Exhausting to say the least, but guess what? Thats ok too ..... because I am back in the hills (Kigali) and I made a quick stop in Amsterdam on my way. What can I say? A lady has to find ways to keep mellow ....  and yellow. 

As I said i'm overthinking everything so instead of text I'm going to throw a bunch of pictures and let them speak 1000 words :) (also I know everyone prefers pictures)

Happy Easter xx



Because I like to act cultured 

Humans of Amsterdam 

If you obsess over human interaction and are way too inquisitive for your own good like me, you will already be very aware the phenomenon that has become Humans of ....... A friend introduced me to the blog and i've been intrigued since, a few links led to a few other links and I found Humans Of Amsterdam. Deborah who is the photographer behind HOA was sweet enough to reply my completely random message and also treat me to a hot chocolate. (see the contact section works people). 

This cafe is set up on a pay as you feel basis. Yes in this world! 

the hills ..... again 

Yes I am back in the hills :) (happy dance) and all should be right in the world again. The fresh air paired with the quiet (I'm from London this is silence) is heavenly and I am so glad to be back! 

Expect posts to centre a lot around Rwanda and the region for a while now. Which is so exciting for me because I get to include a big part of who I am and where I am from.  (which was the aim of this capsule building :)

Empress living ........................

Sunlight in muhazi 


Fanta in gisenyi 

This Fanta is everything sweet and fizzy.

This Fanta is everything sweet and fizzy.

tea in musanze.

picnicking in Kigali 

My living situation ....... 

Yes I know ... I love it too.