Leave your print!

Leave your print!

New days present new opportunities, and my winds have blown in yet another direction. Im currently home (well one of my homes, yes I am blessed like that) following a dream and passion. Before I left England I had to leave my print (pun intended) all over the place! Angela WAS ERE B4 U style lol (shout to all 80's babies 90's terrors and Millennium teens who remember those tag days lol) 

KWESH, Finally!! Got me feeling like a Duchess

Waist coat by Halisi from BOLD KLA if you don't know you need to know!! The cut and fit of this waist coat is perfect! 

I found this material in Shepherds Bush Market and bought it impulsively,  Miss Suubi hooked me up with a Gangster seamstress who made me my very own two piece :) 

I found this material in  NYC for a 12 dollar steal! told the Gangster seamstress what i wanted and voila......