Breaking Boxes

So, in my last post I ran around London finding different landmarks to leave my print before I set off on my travels. Ironically and almost uncannily I actually ended up finding my imprint amongst the land of a thousand hills. There is a sense of awakening that a lady finds while wandering. There was no apparent shift, no life changing incident, no epiphany .... just me. I am not sure if it happened gradually, instantaneously, or if it was the outcome of being alone and following my own beat. 

Of course at this point I have been an adult for a "few" (lol) years now and on the surface it has felt that I have been doing as I pleased but in actuality I wasn't at all. There were many boxes I had CHOSEN to fit in, boxes created by necessity, by expectation, and whole lot of boxes I had created myself. 

I've been waiting on this 'adult feeling' often wondered when it would appear. Thought maybe when I could endure the pain of heels all day (I can't), got a job and paid my own bills (still didn't feel very adult like), so I was sure it must be around the married with child mark. 

Much to my surprise ...... it was at some point during my trip I realised. This is it, YOU ARE DOING IT!! You are living by your own rules on you're own terms and thats adulthood. Not being confined to the boxes that offer the illusion. 

Make no mistake its not for the faint hearted this adult stuff, you have to believe in yourself, EXPECT NO AFFIRMATION. You can not wither, the tide is mainly high, but freedom has never come cheap. 

Peep the lady behind me, photobombed! love it

All of the Material used I bought from Kimironko Market in Kigali. 

Shoes and Accessories - Zara

Photography - David Nyanzi