New Year .... New York

New Year .... New York

Living the movies 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's 

I am sure over the years we have all dreamt of living like they do in the movies, and where better to begin a New Year than ..... New York City!! Yes I have definitely watched my fair share of movies including Sex in the City so of course I made this trip with one of my best friends Wassi. The trip was utterly amazing even with NYC experiencing its coldest winter in forever! Never the less we still dressed the part and made full use of our week long METRO cards. Yes we were underground living like the TMNT complete with the fattest RAT yes RAT on the actual platform waiting for a train with us just like the sensei. 


Caught my lens.

Caught my lens.

Sex in the city 

In true Sex In The City form and completely by accident we stumbled into the Brooklyn Museum to our surprise and my delight (because i'm not really a museum person there you go I admit it ... sorry ladies) we found there was a Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition. Because this was completely unexpected I had no idea what to expect and if I am keeping it completely 100 with you all I didn't know too much about his work (covers eyes in shame) ..... AND THEN ...... I was blown away. I think my innocence in his work made the whole experience oh so much better every room felt like excitement restricted to four walls. The sheer beauty, precision, and variety in designs was really an amazing experience cant believe it only cost me $10!!!! definately a highlight  


Slow motion for me .....

As worn by BEY (yes the very pieces she wore)


Empire State Building 

So you know that scene in Sleepless in Seattle when they plan to meet for the first time at the top of the Empire State Building and its utterly romantic ...... What's that i hear you cry? You love that part? Me to!!! 

Or what about that scene in Gossip girl where Chuck is waiting for Blair and she's late (so something I would do, didn't he understand there was a gossip girl lurking and a Blair needed a lot more time to get herself together? Cant be snapped looking like Georgina)  

Can't deny I was hoping to find a dashing tall fellow at the top (I didn't) but the view was breath taking which is dangerous at that altitude :) New York really is a Concrete Jungle. 


Sometimes you just have to believe that if its meant to be ..... it will be. 



Really glad my girl Saba pushed us to visit the Brooklyn Bridge hours before we were set to leave. I appreciate the bridges we have here in London but I must say the Brooklyn Bridge felt like a power house. 

Yes thats Wassi up there caught living that selfie life.

Yes thats Wassi up there caught living that selfie life.


Really was a great trip! For me it's important to remind myself that anything that I read in books, see on the TV and even watch in the movies is out there and achievable. Surely that must mean that any thoughts my brain conceives are too a reality I just need to go out and find them.