Angela's Capsule
Angela's Capsule

why a capsule? 

This blog was born from the constant thoughts and wonders of how life was for those before me, starting right at my doorstep with my parents. I love to hear stories of their life before we became a family. Small things like my mums plans to become a nun before she left home, or what my dads exact thoughts were as he walked down the path from his family and into the jungle to join a rebel force that then went on to liberate my home country.  What did my grandma do for fun? she must have had fun rights, did she ever indulge in sharing of confidence between sister friends ? (The kind that usually takes place in a night club ladies loo)? Grandpa please let me see a picture of you off to the bar at the bottom of the hill . . .

In a nutshell I would have just loved it if they all had these capsules that I could dive into for as long and as deep as they would let me. Im sure they are sick of repeating the same old stories to me. I enjoy the stories, but i love the look on their faces as they tell them. My grandmas aged face as she says " I gave you those legs you know, everyone in the village loved my legs" haha I can just see her eyes looking into the past. Fond memories. And then like bird shit it hit me . . . . . . . One day there will be another me and she'll want to know, one day I will be the mum who was Angela before she built a family, the grandma who had the whole village admiring her legs (but mainly my eyes).

With that I begun to create this Capsule. I am not quite sure what will become of it. But my aim is to leave behind a little capsule of the time spent here (earth) including the people I meet, the lessons that raise me, the failures that break off chips of me, My experience of this world. Its my hope that not only do I create a capsule to look back on as life changes but that I also create a version of myself that I will be proud to leave behind. So welcome to my capsule, my thoughts, my world . . . . . . . . Enjoy